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The role of sport in international politics

  Sports as a tool of foreign affairs. Sports, mainly mass broadcasted sports, are a unique battlefield in international arena, both literally and figuratively. These sports, which football is the most relevant, join spectacle, big budgets and economic revenues, nationalistic confrontation and publicity. That explains why they became so relevant and important for many governments. … Sigue leyendo

El Globero/El Globero Cinéfilo

Modern Times (Tiempos Modernos)

Modern Times (Tiempos Modernos) – 1936 Director: Chrales Chaplin Guion: Charles Chaplin Producción: Charles Chaplin (Charles Chaplin Productions) Dirección de fotografía: Ira Morgan y Roland Totheroh Dirección de arte: J. Russel Spencer Música original: Charles Chaplin Reparto principal: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Tiny Sandford… País: Estados Unidos Imagen: 1.37:1 Blanco y negro Género: … Sigue leyendo