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The role of sport in international politics

  Sports as a tool of foreign affairs. Sports, mainly mass broadcasted sports, are a unique battlefield in international arena, both literally and figuratively. These sports, which football is the most relevant, join spectacle, big budgets and economic revenues, nationalistic confrontation and publicity. That explains why they became so relevant and important for many governments. … Sigue leyendo

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Why Erdoğan was necessary and now should step aside.

( leer esta entrada en español) Democracy is a beautiful not self explanatory concept. Even between what we consider related democracies, there are big differences in the way they organize their democracies. In the World we have “democracies” organized in a single party, communist style, and China as main example. “Democracies” organized around two single … Sigue leyendo

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Por qué Erdoğan era necesario y ahora sobra.

(read in English) La democracia es un concepto hermoso que no explica cómo se puede alcanzar. De forma que, incluso, entre países que se consideran democracias afines, existen grandes diferencias en la forma de organizar sus democracias. En el mundo tenemos “democracias” que se organizan dentro de único partido, el estilo comunista que ahora tendría … Sigue leyendo