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Cycling Cup of Turkey

Checking the UCI calendar of road cycling for 2018 I discovered with surprise that, this year, there will be quite many more cycling races in Turkey sanctioned by UCI. Turkish international cycling races used to be rare, beyond the World Tour Presidential Cycling Tour, and they do not last. At least at UCI level.

Number of UCI races per year:

2017:  2 (Ankara, Mersin)

2016:  2 (Ankara, Mersin)

2015: 6 (Ankara, Mersin, Çanakkale, Black Sea, Mevlana, Aegean)

2014: 0

2013: 0

2012: 1 (Trakya)

2011: 7 (Trakya, Isparta, Cappadocia, Victory, Marmara, Gallipoli, Alanya)

2010: 4 (Trakya, Victory, Marmara, Alanya)

2009: 0

2008: 0

2007: 2* (Mevlana, Paths of Victory and Presidential Tour then with same satatus as the other races)

In 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2002, only the Presidential Tour of Turkey was ridden in the lowest category of UCI rankings.

With this history is difficult to forecast if the races will stay, but the truth is that never there was so many races than this year in 2018. And, moreover, checking the races already ridden, the participation is better than ever, in quality and quantity.

Race program for 2018:

1.2 GP Alanya (1 day)

2.2 Tour of Antalya (4 days)

2.2 Tour of Mediterranean (3 days)

1.2 GP Side

2.2 Tour of Cartier

2.2 Tour of Fatih Sultan Mehmet

2.2 Tour of Mersin

2.2 Tour of Mesopotamia

2.2 Tour of Mevlana

2.2 Tour of Cappadocia

2.2 Tour of Black Sea

That makes 11 races and 35 days of competition, a historic record for turkish cycling.

This rich calendar made me came with the idea of a Cup of Turkey. I actually don’t have any idea if something like this already exist in Turkey, with these or other races. Though I could not find anything about it.

The concept is about making a general ranking bringing together the results of the races, using the following point allocation:

Turkey cup

Of course, the rider with more points at the end of the year will be the champion of the Cycling Cup of Turkey. Indeed an informal title.


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