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Brexit: Good news for Europe

Some arguments used by British ‘leave’ defenders made sense. The European Union have several problems. Some of them endangering the same survival of the Union. The most relevant are the lack of democracy of many of its institutions and the inability to develop the union to higher ends. The monetary union, for example, lack a fiscal and economic common policy to deal the effects to the Euro in every country economies. At political level, the European Parliament, even other EU non-democratic institutions, are not strong enough to rule the EU. The strongest economies of the Union used to rule instead. Most of the time Germany does. Bringing the EU to strict German austerity.

From this point of view  it looks like ‘Brexit’ makes sense. But, in fact,  it is some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. One of the biggest obstacles the European Union faced to deepen its togetherness was United Kingdom. Especially those in the UK who now more vehemently opposed Europe.

From the very beginning, the UK, did not want to enter the EU. It was decades after its foundation, and when its economic success was obvious, that the British decided to enter. After that, every time the European Union tried to improve itself and make the union stronger, had the opposition of the United Kingdom. That is why they are not in the Euro, neither in Schengen. In many other treaties there are tailor-made exceptions to keep the British inside. Of course, this behaviour was not promoted by the ones who voted yesterday to stay in Europe, but by those who were always Euro-skeptics and voted to leave.

The European Union needs urgently great reforms. And one of the biggest impediments to advance is now gone. Before United Kingdom proved possible to leave the EU, one solution was to make another Union inside the Union, maybe with those countries which are in the Euro. Leaving others just as partners, more than full-members. Anti European policies of countries like Poland, Hungary or United Kingdom were deepening the inner crisis of EU.

 After ‘Brexit’ a gate is open for the United Kingdom to leave, but also an opportunity for the European Union to re-invent itself an make Europe work better. Every country not willing to join the European Project should step aside, maybe acquiring a status like Norway and Switzerland have today. Maybe, from today, we can see the EU walk forward instead of backwards.

Of course, this is a very optimistic thought. The United Kingdom was far from being the only problem inside the EU.

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