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Cheesecake recipe

Very easy an quick way to cook a tasty cheesecake.

First I should say  this recipe is a modification of an original recipe by Bruno Oteiza who was also inspired by a traditional recipe from Pas valley in Cantabria, Spain.

Step 1: Mix with a mixer 2 eggs, 10 soup spoons of yogurt, 2 tea spoons of honey, 2 soup spoons of flour, 1 soup spoon of lemon juice, some cinnamon, sugar to taste (I don’t like too sweet cake, then I use 2 or 3 soup spoons of white sugar, but you can use more to make it more sweet) and 180 gr of cheese.

Election of cheese will give  flavour to the cake. I prefer to use regular cheese before cheese cream, but not one with too much flavour. In Turkey best choice is kaşar peyniri, which you can mix with some labne peyniri. Outside of Turkey Ricotta, Mascarpone or Philadelphia can work for Labne. While Brie, Havarti or goat cheese can work as main cheese. Queso de las Garmillas is a good choice in Cantabria.

We mix all this ingredients with the machine until we get an uniform liquid with some consistency. If it looks too liquid we can add another spoon of flour.

Step 2: You can use a common cake pan, but I strongly recommend to use pottery one,  small one, better to make two small cakes than one too big. Also the quantities I wrote are for a small cake. Then spread butter on it and later pour flour over the butter until all the pot is covered by a thin layer of flour stick to the butter.

Step 3: Pour the mix into the pot and cook it in pre-heated oven for 30′ at 200 degrees (celsius).

Step 4: After cool it up  we can take it out of pottery pot very easily. But if it is not enough cold it can fall apart.  Then we can spread some marmelade over it. Berries marmelade works well, but probably best it is kuşburnu (turkish marmelade or jelly made of rosehip, rosa mosqueta en español).

Afiyet olsun!!

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