El Globero

The Globero

This web comes with the idea of writing what goes through my mind. I have never been too keen to show up the mess I have inside my head, that’s why I did not do it before.

As I never liked to specialize myself and through my life I worked in diferent disciplines, I considered to write about cinema or tv series, about politics, gastronomy, international relations, cycling or sport in general. I have not found a solution, then I will mix up everything and speak a little bit of everything. I will try not to make too much mess.

Ok… I will be honest. I am opening this blog because when looking for jobs they asked me links to texts I have wroten. And, right now, there is anything produced by me in the net. So I had to smarten up…

Ah! And why «El Globero»?. In Spanish cycling slang «globero» is a cyclist with the best material to ride but not the best physical conditions or preparation to do so. And we say «bloguero» for «blogger». Here it is a writter, blogger wannabe that maybe it is just a «globero».

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